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ZimmWriter SERP Discombobulator

A discom… whatsit? Huh? A discombobulator silly. It discombobulates things of course! Here’s how it works. You’ll input a list of queries (or blog post titles) that you have already [...]
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AI Images in ZimmWriter

ZimmWriter AI Image Prompts

The AI images generated by ZimmWriter (Dall-E-3 and Stable Diffusion) require a prompt. That prompt is generated by OpenAI. Not only is the prompt OpenAI generates used by ZimmWriter to [...]
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google serp scraping in zimmwriter

ZimmWriter SERP Scraping Exhaustive Guide

Scraping the Google search engine results page (“SERP”) is the solution for automatically seeding the AI’s brain with relevant and detailed knowledge about a topic. Let’s talk high level for [...]
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ZimmWriter Topical Authority Generator

Let’s start with the basics. Topical authority is an SEO strategy that measures how well a website understands a topic. It helps search engines understand the content on a website and [...]
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ZimmWriter Scraping Surgeon

In essence, Scraping Surgeon is a way to designate, with surgical precision, what sections on a webpage you want ZimmWriter to feed to the AI. It requires ScrapeOwl and a [...]
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ZimmWriter Image API Integration

ZimmWriter now integrates with third party APIs to download featured images and also upload them to your WordPress site if that is linked. Pexels API The Pexels API is free [...]
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