How to Use SEO Keywords to Generate Blog Titles (+5,000 at Once)

by Matt Zimmerman

Updated February 8, 2024
how to use keywords in seo

The SEO Keywords to Blog Post Titles feature inside of ZimmWriter allows you to convert up to 1,000 SEO Keywords into 5,000 blog post titles!

Let’s explore how it works.

First, you need to get some keywords from your favorite SEO tool.

You can use SEMRUSH, Ahrefs, NeuronWriter, WriterZen, Keyword Chef, or whatever you want.

Then you need to copy and paste the keywords into ZimmWriter’s SEO Keywords to Titles function:

After that, set the job name, choose your GPT model, and then press the button to start the generation.

ZimmWriter will create a CSV file with your blog post titles after a few minutes.

Here’s what it looks like:

Also, before I forget, here’s a link to the entire CSV file.

Here is what happened.

ZimmWriter created five different blog post titles ideas for each keyword.

For example, ZimmWriter created five blog post title ideas for the keyword “seo keywords for photographers”:

  1. 3 SEO Keywords Every Photographer Needs to Know
  2. Top 3 SEO Keywords Strategies for Photographers
  3. Photographers: Boost Your Site with These 3 SEO Keywords
  4. Mastering SEO: 3 Keywords Photographers Can’t Ignore
  5. 3 Essential SEO Keywords Tips for Photographers

ZimmWriter then analyzed the five choices and chose “3 SEO Keywords Every Photographer Needs to Know” as the best result. The analysis is mainly based on which of the five possibilities has the most matching terms to the seed keyword.

You’ll also see a WordPress slug and a Merged column in the CSV file:

You can take the recommended titles and paste them into ZimmWriter’s Bulk Writer.

But you can instead paste the merged column (which is the recommended title and the WordsPress slug) into the Bulk Writer. If you tell ZimmWriter to upload the result to WordPress, then the article slug will be set according to the slug you see in the image. That slug is the exact match keyword! How cool is that?

Now you have many different ways to come up with blog post titles inside of ZimmWriter. You can use this SEO Keywords to Titles feature. You can also use ZimmWriter’s Topical Authority Generator. You can use Magic Commands, or almost anything else you can think of!

Before I let you run off and play with this cool feature, I have to add a caveat.

ZimmWriter does not SERP scrape the input keywords as that would take a lot of ScrapeOwl credits and much more time. So if you’re entering lesser known things that have special meaning (e.g., a brand name for a company), then you’re likely to get poor results. Just keep that in mind.

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