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ZimmWriter: The Best AI Content Writer for Windows

by Matt Zimmerman

Updated June 27, 2024

What Makes ZimmWriter the Best AI Writer ?

ZimmWriter delivers the highest quality output at the best price point in the industry. One reason is that it's multi-model. Some of the AI models that ZimmWriter allows you to select are: GPT3.5 Turbo, GPT-4o, GPT4-Turbo, GPT-4, LLAMA3-70b, Claude Haiku, Claude Sonnet, and Claude Opus. ZimmWriter also has support for certain OpenRouter AI models too. Note: these models may change if the AI companies replace or remove them from their AI platform.

Here are some of ZimmWriter's additional features that set it apart from the competition:

Use AI Anywhere

Use AI in thousands of Windows applications and websites, such as Word, Google Docs, Grammarly, Visual Studio Code, WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail, and more.

Bulk Write Blog Posts

Bulk generate up to 1,000 blog posts in one go with the simple press of a button! Fully customizable and bespoke content for each of your websites! (sample, sample, sample).

Bulk Rewrite Content

Load up to 1,000 URLs from your own site, your competitors' sites, news platforms, or even YouTube video transcripts and 1-click transform them into new blog posts.

Bulk Product Roundups

Bulk write up to 50 product roundups, (each with up to 15 products)! Includes automatic integration with WordPress plugins such as AAWP and AFFI.ai to automatically generate your product boxes! (sample, sample, sample).

Bulk Write for Local SEO

Use the Local SEO Buffet feature to write content for up to 625 landing pages at once based on a business name, business highlights, service locations, and services offered.

Topical Authority Maps

Use the Topical Authority Generator to 1-click create a topical authority map based on any concept. Use the resulting CSV to build out a website, brainstorm, or sell to clients! (samples)

Instant WordPress Publishing

ZimmWriter integrates seamlessly with WordPress to automatically upload your blog posts! You can even schedule a set number of blog posts to auto-publish daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly!

Real-Time SERP Scraping

Enable the SERP scraping feature and ZimmWriter will write using real-time factual data found in Google's search engine results page! It'll also generate SEO keywords and write your content using expert SEO techniques.

Bulk High-Quality AI Images

Bulk generate captivating AI-generated images for your articles using cutting-edge AI image models like Dall-E-3 and Stable Diffusion. The images are instant published in your articles when linked to WordPress.

Nuke AI Words

Do you hate AI words such as delve, dive, buckle up, and look no further? If so, then use ZimmWriter's Nuke AI Word. It finds these words and reduces their frequency by dropping a nuke when they occur.

Mimic Writing Styles

Want the AI to write more like you and less like an AI? Use the Style Mimic to mimic a particular writing style. You can store hundreds of mimicked styles in ZimmWriter, each for different websites or use cases.

Search Intent Focused

ZimmWriter focuses on answering search intent as quickly as possible when it writes. In the current age of swiping and immediate gratification, people are looking for answers to their questions fast.

AI Powered YouTube Video Embedding

Enhance your articles by automatically embedding relevant YouTube videos that complement your content in order to boost visitor page-on-time.

Custom Prompt Layering

Have your own prompts? ZimmWriter lets you layer your own prompts onto each section ZimmWriter generates! You can apply separate prompts to the introduction, conclusion, subheadings, transitions, product layouts, key takeaways, and FAQ!

Bulk Powered Custom Outlines

Use the unique custom outline feature to create a repeatable (yet AI-powered bespoke) outline when loading up bulk content. It's ideal for when you need to write many blog posts that share a common outline structure.

ZimmWriter is the Best Deal for Bulk AI Writing

Many AI writers bundle their writer with the underlying AI (e.g., OpenAI's GPT-3.5 or GPT-4) at marked up prices with restricted word or article limits per month. For instance, one competitor locks you into $99/mo for 250,000 words and $350/mo for 1,000,000 words.

That's crazy! I also think it's a rip-off! So yeah, ZimmWriter is 100% different.

Think of ZimmWriter as the car 🚗 and the AI as the gas ⛽. You can drive ZimmWriter as much as you want (or as little), as long as you supply the gas. So ZimmWriter costs the same regardless of whether you write 250,000 words, 1,000,000 words, or a bazillion words!

How much is the AI gas? Since I'm not marking it up, you're paying at cost and it's super cheap! A rough estimate would be about $15 for 250,000 words using GPT 3.5 and depending on your settings. A million words might be about $60 with those same settings. What if you want to go on holiday for a month and don't write anything? Then you'd pay OpenAI a big fat Z-E-R-O.

With ZimmWriter, you're in control. Use it as much or as little as you want. You pay for your AI own usage, with zero markup from me. I think that's the best way to operate a business - i.e., without ripping off the customer.

Note: ZimmWriter does have two additional fees which are entirely optional and not paid to me, but rather to the company providing the service. The first is ScrapeOwl for $5/mo which enables Google SERP scraping, Amazon scraping, and YouTube scraping. It's available in the ZimmWriter options menu, but unnecessary if you don't want these features. The second is stable diffusion AI image generation from stability.ai. It's not a monthly contract and $10 in credits gets you about 4,000 AI images.

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If a new version of ZimmWriter is released, then upgrading to that new version in any plan (normal subscription, ultimate subscription, and ultimate lifetime deal) is free of charge.

All of the AI inside of ZimmWriter is by OpenAI. At the moment, you can select three different AI models inside ZimmWriter. You can select any of them in a global options menu and then also change them on the fly as you see fit.

  1. GPT-3.5 Turbo

  2. GPT-4

  3. GPT-4 Turbo

ZimmWriter is similar to a vehicle that allows you to do many different things. For example, you can write using AI virtually anywhere in Windows and your browser. You can also use it to write fantastic long-form blog posts.

But every vehicle needs gas. In this example, the gas for ZimmWriter is GPT, and OpenAI both created and sells it.

Now, virtually every other AI software bundles the vehicle (writer) + gas (GPT) together, and they charge you an insane markup!

I don't do that. Instead, I let you pay OpenAI directly for your GPT for as little or as much as you use.

How much is GPT3 from OpenAI? That is the BEST part. OpenAI provides it as a pay-as-you-go model. Depending on how you use the AI, one thousand tokens (about 400 to 750 words) costs about $.02 or 2 pennies if you're using the GPT3.5 AI model from OpenAI.

How much do you pay if you don't use any GPT in one month?


What if you want to generate a lot of content? How much is that? One million tokens (400,000 to 700,000 words) is about $18 using GPT3.5. Try comparing those numbers to other AI writer solutions that bundle everything together! It's crazy!

Not necessarily.

Various functions inside of ZimmWriter scrape data from the Internet.

In most situations, you can have ZimmWriter use your own IP address to scrape the data. However, for certain sites, such as Amazon, YouTube, Google, and other complex websites, a ScrapeOwl subscription is needed.

How much does it cost?

Inside the ZimmWriter options menu is a button to get special pricing on ScrapeOwl not available to anyone else. Using the button to visit the ScrapeOwl page and then view the pricing will unlock a special $5/mo plan which offers 10,000 scraping credits.

How many credits does scraping take?

Here are some examples:

1 credit to scrape a normal website (if you need to use ScrapeOwl and not your own IP address)

5 credits to scrape a normal website with render JavaScript enabled

5 credits to scrape 1 Amazon URL

5 credits to scrape 1 YouTube URL for a video

5-15 credits to scrape 1 YouTube URL for a transcript

10 credits to scrape the Google SERP (I am currently developing this technology so it's not ready yet)

If you have questions related to ranking, please hire a professional SEO company. ZimmWriter is designed to retrieve words from OpenAI based on words input by the individual accessing or using ZimmWriter. The individual accessing or using ZimmWriter assumes all risks with what they do with the words. Please read the ZimmWriter End-User License Agreement for more information and how ZimmWriter has no warranties.

ZimmWriter contacts Gumroad to verify your license and OpenAI to carry out an AI request when you ask ZimmWriter to do something. On occasion, ZimmWriter may also reach out to the Microsoft and Google homepages to retrieve the current date since some users roll back their clocks and get around the license (please support your developers).

ZimmWriter does not secretly collect your information and send it to me. I don't care that you look at cat videos all day long. The only thing I want from you is your support to help develop the best AI software in the world.

In the future, if ZimmWriter ever discontinues using Gumroad for sales and licensing, a different licensing server would be used. The same is true for OpenAI in regards to AI content (but I don't see that happening).

You can read the same thing on the privacy page for ZimmWriter.

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