ZimmWriter Nuke AI Words

by Matt Zimmerman

Updated February 29, 2024




Hate those words? Now you can nuke them with ZimmWriter!

In the ZimmWriter options menu, click the Set AI Words to Nuke button. When the menu opens, you can enter a comma separated list of all the nasty AI words you want to nuke. After saving your list, simply check the box in the SEO Writer, Bulk Writer, Penny Arcade, or Product Roundup.

Now there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Nuking works in the SEO Writer, Bulk Writer, Penny Arcade, or Product Roundup.
  • Nuking applies in the introduction, conclusion, subheadings, and FAQ.
  • Nuking is an extra pass, but uses GPT 3.5 Turbo (latest model) so it’s very inexpensive.
  • Nuking occurs after the section generation, but before custom prompts, skinny paragraphs, or translation.
  • The nuke input box allows you to specify up to 5,000 characters. But ZimmWriter does a string match. So it’s better to specify the phrase first (e.g., let’s dive in) instead of just the single word (E.g., dive) so that the entire phrase is replaced. Also, the prompt I feed to OpenAI to nuke the words only contains the words that string match the content in question.
  • Sometimes (and this is REALLY IMPORTANT) if you nuke a word, then the AI may replace it with another AI word. As an example, let’s say you specify “crucial” and “essential” to be nuked, but the text only has the word “essential”. The AI will nuke the words essential and replace it with something else, but I’ve found that it often replaces that word with “crucial”. ZimmWriter only does a single nuke pass otherwise we’d be in an infinite loop of essential->crucial->essential->crucial->etc.
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