ZimmWriter Style Mimic

by Matt Zimmerman

Updated March 14, 2024
Style Mimic

Have you ever dreamt of having an AI that writes like you? Well, now with ZimmWriter’s Style Mimic, that dream is much closer to reality.

Step 1 is to feed in some text that you want to mimic.

I took the text from my SEO Writer Exhaustive Guide and simply pasted it into the “Style to Mimic” box.

Step 2 is to press the “Generate Mimic” button and ZimmWriter will create a Mimicked Style. Note that the “GPT Model for Generation” is the AI model used to generate your mimic. So you might want to choose GPT4 or GPT-4 Turbo for the best results.

Your newborn mimic is now alive and living in the “Mimicked Style” box. When we apply it, the mimic prompt runs in conjunction with the other prompts that ZimmWriter uses to create your article.

Step 3 is to give your mimic and name and save it.

At this point, your mimic is loaded and ready for use. If you want to unload it, simply select “None” from the “Load Mimic” drop-down. Otherwise, you can click the X in the upper right to close the Style Mimic menu and return to your previous menu (e.g., the Bulk Writer).

You can tell that your mimic is loaded when you see the green button titled “Style Mimic Enabled”. You’ll also notice that enabling a mimic disables the Write in the Style input along with the Use Auto Style checkbox. Both of those features are incompatible when using a mimic.

Now let’s cover some best practices:

  • Unlike Custom Prompts, Nuke AI Words, Skinny Paragraphs, and Translations, a Style Mimic is not a second pass. It runs with the rest of ZimmWriter’s prompts before any of those additional passes. I have found that running it as a second pass affects the results too strongly. However, if you desire to run it as a second pass, you can simply generate your mimic, unload it, and then create a custom prompt using your mimic by following the custom prompt guide.
  • You’ll need to test, test, and test. A mimic is not one size fits all. Different mimics work better in different niches. Experiment. See what works for you for your specific niche.
  • You don’t always need to use a mimic. Always remember that ZimmWriter is like a Swiss army knife. When you use the spork to eat, you first put the knife away so you don’t cut your mouth. In other words, don’t click every option in ZimmWriter. Test out various scenarios and see what works for your specific niche. Lay a good foundation and you’ll be off to the races in no time!
  • The AI model used to apply your saved mimic is the AI model you select when configuring the writer (e.g., Bulk Writer, SEO Writer, Penny Arcade, Product Roundup). It is not the AI model in the mimic menu, which is only used for generating the mimic.

Finally, let’s cover some frequently asked questions:

  • Why can’t I edit the mimic?
    • Because I don’t trust you. Seriously. People would start editing stuff and then I’d get all kinds of Facebook messages like “Why am I getting such and such in my output” and then I’d have to stop what I’m doing, investigate, and after 20 minutes, we’d find out that you edited the mimic to put in something like “Pretend that you’re super smart and can outrank all the SEO people in the world!” or some nonsense like that. So yeah, no editing mimics. But since ZimmWriter retains your mimic input, you can re-generate and update the mimic as much as you want.
  • How can I get my mimic to talk more like me? It seems some of the rules aren’t applying?
    • Test out your mimic using different models. If you use GPT4 or GPT-4 Turbo, the AI will do a better job of carrying out the different rules defined by the mimic.

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