ZimmWriter Text Discombobulator

by Matt Zimmerman

Updated February 29, 2024

A discom… whatsit? Huh?

A discombobulator silly.

It discombobulates things of course!

Here’s how it works.

You’ll input a list of text. Next, you’ll load up some custom prompts, which are a weee~ bit different than the custom prompts you’re used to. Finally, you’ll set some additional options and press the button to create a discombobulated CSV file.

What happens when start discombobulating?

ZimmWriter takes each line of text (one at a time) and performs your custom prompt on that line of text.

List of Up to 500 Lines of Text

List your lines of text in this box. You can list up to 500 lines and each line can be up to 5,000 characters long.

Custom Prompts 1 and 2

These are custom prompts that you created in the Bulk Writer, SEO Writer, or Penny Arcade. But… and this is a BIG butt… the prompt I feed to OpenAI is different than normal. Here is the system prompt:


the merged summaries from up to five URLs from the SERP scrape


your custom prompt, which should probably refer to DATA in all caps, or DATA TO PROCESS in all caps.


If you check the custom prompt page, you’ll notice that the formatting is different than in the discombobulator.

The reason is because the discombobulator doesn’t rewrite the text. Instead, it’s designed for using the summary as a data resource that you want to extract something from to create something new.

I highly recommend testing your prompts in the playground using the template above BEFORE saving a custom prompt inside ZimmWriter.

Enable Prompt Stacking

As a default, each prompt operates on a single line of text. But when you enable prompt stacking, then prompt 2 will work based off of prompt 1 (and not the single line of text).

Output in Non-English Language

As always, your titles and prompts need to be in English. However, you can enter a non-English language in this box and ZimmWriter will translate the output in the CSV file.

Note that when you enable prompt stacking, only prompt 2 is translated.

Job Name

The name to give to your CSV file you want ZimmWriter to create.

GPT Model

The GPT model that you want applied on the prompts.

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