ZimmWriter WordPress Integration

by Matt Zimmerman

Updated December 18, 2023
a bunch of robots using zimmwriter to upload blog posts to wordpress

ZimmWriter now integrates directly with WordPress. You can connect up to 10 WordPress sites and have ZimmWriter automatically upload finished blog posts!

WordPress Setup

You can connect and manage connected WordPress websites in the ZimmWriter options menu.

WordPress Site URL

The URL to your WordPress site in the format of https://yoursitename.com (but DO NOT include stuff after the domain, so no /wp-admin/ or anything like that).

At the moment, only HTTPS is supported. So get with the times and upgrade if you haven’t. It’s also a ranking factor.

WordPress Username

The username for either your admin account or an account with new post creation access.

WordPress App Password

The app password is not the password for the wordpress username above.

The latest versions of WordPress allow you to create multiple “app” passwords for a WordPress user. It’s a very secure way of giving third-party apps, such as ZimmWriter, access without giving out entire account access.

How can you create a new app password?


Step 1: Go to https://www.yoursite.com/wp-admin/users.php

Step 2: Visually select a user with posting privileges that you want to create an app password.

Step 3: Click edit to modify their profile.

Step 4: When their profile page appears, scroll down until you see something similar to the screenshot below.

Step 5: Enter a name, such as ZimmWriter and then press the “Add New Application Password” button.

Step 6: A new box will appear with your application password. Write it down in a safe place because you cannot retrieve it. If you need it again, you will have to press the “revoke” button, generate a new one, and enter it all over again in ZimmWriter.

Step 7: Enter the newly created application password into ZimmWriter

Save / Update / Delete

The save, update, and delete options should be self explanatory.

Modify a Saved WordPress Config

You can store up to 10 saved WordPress configs in ZimmWriter. To free up space, or simply modify a saved config, select it from the dropdown menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes ZimmWriter doesn’t upload some of my blog posts and/or images, even though I selected the option in the SEO Writer, Bulk Writer, or Penny Arcade. Why is this?

The reason we have found is that some user’s windows computers and/or webservers are blocking the connection at random intervals. So if you get some, but not all of your uploads, then it’s something you need to look into. I do not provide server or windows computer debugging help as it’s likely a firewall issue at one end.

Why are YouTube Embeds are Not Appearing?

It is important that the user that you are creating the app password for has “editor” or “administrator” access. If for example you set the user to “author” then they will not have access to iFrame embeds which are needed to insert YouTube videos.

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