ZimmWriter Image API Integration

by Matt Zimmerman

Updated September 9, 2023

ZimmWriter now integrates with third party APIs to download featured images and also upload them to your WordPress site if that is linked.

Pexels API

The Pexels API is free and allows you make 200 API requests an hour and 25,000 API calls a month. When enabled, ZimmWriter makes 1 request per blog post.

You can sign up for a Pexels account and get an API key at this signup link.

In addition, the “Save & Verify Pexels API Key” button in ZimmWriter will display your account information with remaining balance and time before your credits refresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is an API Image Used?

Bulk and SEO Writer – If you check the “Enable Image API” box then ZimmWriter will contact the Pexels API and try to find the best image.

Penny Arcade – In general, it works just like the Bulk and SEO Writer. However, if a Scraping Surgeon domain is detected then any image downloaded by Scraping Surgeon takes precedence and will be used as the featured image. In that situation, ZimmWriter will not contact Pexels API.

Why Are Some Images Irrelevant?

Sometimes the images ZimmWriter finds might be irrelevant (or even offensive). ZimmWriter simply performs a keyword search based on your article and retrieves whatever the API service provides. As always, it is imperative to check the results before publishing. In addition, obeying and following any and all copyright laws is your responsibly.

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