How to Find a Niche with ZimmWriter’s Bulk Niche Generator

by Matt Zimmerman

Updated February 7, 2024
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The bulk niche generator allows you to input up to 200 different “ideas” (1-5 words each) and get 5 different niche ideas for each idea you input. You’ll find the output in a CSV file in your designated output directory.

So… are any of the niches that ZimmWriter creates “good”?

Ah, that’s a fine question.

Let me explain why I created the Bulk Niche Generator as I think that will answer a lot of your questions.

A few days before creating this Bulk Niche Generator, I ran into a problem. I had some low competition keywords but I wasn’t sure how to build a site around them.

For example, let’s take a keyword “best planner for ADHD”.

I wanted to target that keyword, but what kind of site should I build? That’s the million dollar question. Should I build a site about day planners? Or should I build one about ADHD?

Each of those are bad ideas.

The right answer is to build a site with a spin. A spin (or a slant) is some kind of take on the whole concept around the keyword. To find it, we have to look at the reasons why someone with ADHD might even need a day planner. And that’s exactly what the Bulk Niche Generator inside of ZimmWriter does.

So here’s what I entered:

With that input, I’m going to get niche ideas with different takes on the concepts of ADHD, journaling for organization, organizing your life for school, for work, day planners, etc.

I also entered some ideas about organization because that’s one of the problems where people who have ADHD and need day planners struggle.

Now here’s a sample of the output created by ZimmWriter:

Also, before I forget, here’s the link to the entire CSV.

I didn’t bother looking at the entire list. Maybe there are more good ideas, but check out:

That sounds like a great idea!

Instead of targeting ADHD (which might be hard because of YMYL) and instead of targeting the generic concept of day planners or journaling, we can target the niche of helping employees organize their life at work!

The domain is even available (at least at the time of writing this)!

You even can feed those categories (Personal Organization, Desk Organization, Time-Blocking Techniques, Goal Setting, Efficient Communication) into ZimmWriter’s Topical Authority Generator to generate a bazillion articles to write about!

But wait a minute… how does this tie into our keyword “best day planner for ADHD”?

So that’s the best part!

Question: What is something that some employees who need help organizing their lives at work have?

Answer: ADHD!

Question: And what is one way for those employees with ADHD to organize their lives?

Answer: A day planner!

See how that works?

The best part is that you haven’t entered the nasty YMYL niche of ADHD and you haven’t boxed yourself into day planners. Instead, you’ve found a niche from which you can expand your wings and fly!

You might have one last question…

Let me peer into my Magic 8 ball and see if I can guess it.

How do I validate the niche of helping employees get organized?

Easy! The answer is common sense and a quick google search.

Do many people struggle with organization?

Yes (common sense).

Do many of those people who struggle with organization also struggle at their job because of their lack of organization?

Yes (common sense).

Let’s now search Google (I’m using Ahrefs but you can also just use Google):

The top keyword matching terms “organized” and “work” is “how to stay organized at work” with 700 search volume.

ZERO of those sites are blogs dedicated to helping you get organized at work.

I smell opportunity!

See how easy that is?

Now I have to add one little asterisk.


The data in the CSV file from the Bulk Niche Generator is AI generated and provided AS IS without any warranties whatsoever (just like everything else generated by ZimmWriter). It is your responsibility to check for any trademark or copyright issues if using the data. Choosing a business name is very important so do your own due diligence.

Makes sense right?

The last thing you want to do is register a domain, create an entire site, build up traffic, only to have the men in black roll up on you and seize your domain.

Anyway, as long as you play it smart, you can create an almost endless supply of fantastic niches using the Bulk Niche Generator inside of ZimmWriter!

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