ZimmWriter Bulk Blog Writer Exhaustive Guide

by Matt Zimmerman

Updated June 1, 2023

The Bulk Blog Writer allows you to queue up to 1,000 blog posts for generation! It’s a fantastic method to generate high quality articles, at scale, for pennies!

The Bulk Blog Writer shares many of its options with the SEO Blog Writer and those options are fully explained in the SEO Blog Writer guide. Be sure to check it out if you’re looking for an explanation of the following items:

  • # of H2 Subheadings
  • Section Length
  • Voice
  • Enable Literary Devices
  • Enable Lists
  • Enable Tables
  • FAQ
  • Enable Midjourney Prompt for Each H2
  • Enable Key Takeaways
  • Enable Tease
  • Write in the Style of ______
  • Auto Style
  • Automatic Keywords
  • Boost Chance of Detection as Real
  • Disable Skinny Paragraphs
  • Disable Active Voice
  • Disable Conclusion
  • Out in Non-English Language
  • Best of 2
  • GPT Model

So, from here on out, I’ll cover what’s unique to the Bulk Blog Writer.

List of Blog Post Titles

Specify up to 1,000 blog post titles in this input box. You are limited to 70,000 characters, which allows for about 63 characters per title (which is about the limit for a meta title anyway).

You can input your titles in one of two ways:

  • In a single list where every title is separated by a semicolon
  • In a single list where every title is on a separate line

You can click the “Start Bulk Writer” button to see a preview of the titles parsed by ZimmWriter to confirm they are correct. If you don’t like what you see, you can go back and edit your list of blog post titles to the appropriate formatting.

Enable H3

You can check this box for each H2 to have a 20% chance to contain H3 items. At the moment, the number of H3 items that an H2 can contain in the Bulk Blog Writer is between two and three.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions that I get a lot regarding bulk generation.

What if I specify 1,000 blog post titles and it stops on 256?

Sort the successful blog post files in the output directory by date. Find the last generated blog post and delete everything in the input box up to that point. Then start generating again.

How do I get more or less words in a blog post?

The following items affect blog post length:

  • # of H2
    • It should be obvious, but some people need reminding that adding more H2s will increase the length of your article.
  • H2 section length
    • Keep in mind that this option has very little affect when automatic keywords are selected, a table is used, a bullet point list is used, or tease is used.
  • Lists / Tables
  • Enable FAQ
    • It can add between 700 and 1,500 words.
  • Enable H3
    • It can add between 500 to 1,500 words for every 5 x H2s, depending on your length settings
  • Automatic Keywords

How do I get my article to cost less?

I recommend generating bulk articles using GPT 3.5 Turbo. With the recent update to ZimmWriter v7 the quality of GPT 3.5 Turbo is astounding.

Other ways to reduce cost are to write less words per article. It sounds simple, but I get so many questions about this subject. The best way to write less words are to follow the directions in the previous answer.

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