What is the OpenAI Free Trial Mode?

by Matt Zimmerman

Updated August 14, 2023

When you initially register for an OpenAI API account, they often toss in some free credit for you to use. But, there’s a catch – this freebie comes with a few constraints. Right now, the one that sticks out is the slow speed. OpenAI only allows free credit accounts to make up to 3 requests per minute and a total of 200 requests every 24 hours.

Overcoming these limits and exiting the free trial mode is very easy:

  1. Visit platform.openai.com
  2. Add a payment method
  3. Generate a new API key
  4. Add the new API key in the options menu in ZimmWriter


Upon doing those steps, for the next 48 hours, OpenAI will place a 2,000 (up from 200) request per day limit on your account.

After the 48 hours, the restriction is lifted and you can generate a bazillion articles.

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